As the top company for Delta roadside assistance, one of our services is tire changes. If you have a leaky or flat tire, our technicians come to your spot to help.

We take a look at your tire and determine what exactly is the reason for the leak/flat.

If you have a cut, a team member patches up your tire and fills it up with air. If you have a spare tire and need it put on your vehicle, our technician can do that for you as well. The main thing about a flat tire is it must be taken care of quickly to reduce any damage by driving around with a flat.

delta towing serviceIf you are thinking about changing your own leaky tire, particularly at night, you should know that many fatalities occur to drivers who were out at night trying to change their tire themselves. This is not to scare you, but rather, put you on alert. If you aren’t content fixing your flat tire, or you don’t know what to do, contact us for roadside help.

When the low tire pressure light is blinking on your dashboard, this means your tires are low and need air fast. If you have never changed a tire in your life, this is where Radium comes in. Our techs are quite familiar with changing/repairing flat/leaky tires. The best part is that our team members are quick in doing so, double checking to make sure the tire replacement or flat tire repair stays in place.

With our exceptional level of expertise and skill, you can be sure that you are receiving excellent roadside assistance. When it comes right down to it, the difference between us and our competitors is our devotion to you and the Delta-Richmond community. When you are looking for “the best towing company for roadside assistance,” look no further than Radium.